Tranwell Airfield Carboot Sale

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Listing was last Updated on 18 April 2023.

About Tranwell Airfield Carboot Sale

Tranwell Airfield Carboot Sale is managed by Nobles Promotions Ltd. They run carboot sales and Markets throughout the North East of England.

*Note – Dogs are not allowed on this site except for assistance dogs.

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Listing Details

Location: Morpeth, NE61 3FR
Standing: Outdoors, Concrete
Runs on/from: Every Sunday and BH Monday, April to October
Seller Arrival: 11.30 AM (Early Entry 10.30AM)
Buyer Arrival: 12.45 PM (Early Entry 10.30AM - 12.00 PM)
Seller Price: Cars - £12.00, Vans - £14.00, Trailers - £3.00 (Early Entry Extra £5.00)
Buyer Price: £1.00 (Early Entry - £5.00)
Approx. Stalls: 75
Organiser Contact: 01913730220

Car Boot Sale Tips - The Complete Guide

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10.30 AM-5.00 PM BH Only (Apr-Oct)
Closed Today
Closed Today
Closed Today
Closed Today
Closed Today
10.30 AM-5.00 PM (Apr-Oct)
Morpeth, NE61 3FR
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